Working with architecture and interior designs for years, has pushed us to escape into creating  works of art.  We developed our craftsmanship skills by ourselves to be able to make what we truly love. 

Although our workshop is located in the heart of the old town, it is a real asylum. The place is inspiring, hosting the artistic community, which allows us to associate with various forms of art and fill us with new ideas. On the other hand, the quiet, historic surroundings, bathed in greenery, soothe our souls, giving us peace and tranquility.

Our works are aimed at conveying the feeling itself, providing visual satisfaction, without unnecessary thoughts. Something intuitive, primal, unchanging in the process of evolution.

About us

Need a breath of freshness and looking for a way to give your surroundings a unique charakter? We specialize in bringing art installations for the corporate and private interior design markets. We make custom pieces to your specific needs and project perimeters based on size, scale and budget. The placement of the sculpture shows your sensitivity to beauty and art.

Contact us today at 0048 501 667 606 for a phone consultation or email us at tauartshop@gmail.com to discuss your needs.